"What's a little nibble among friends"

I was doing a search for 50’s Interior residential design and ran across this site on Interior Design – Kingwood College….got a ton of links! Now there’s some weekend fun!

Alec’s bite
Originally uploaded by rexandsharkey.

I guess somewhere (our basement, the backyard?) Matey Moo got bitten 3 times by a spider (that’s our current best guess). Poor baby. Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement over what he looked like when he woke up. According to the hospital nurse, it’s fairly normal for your face to swell all up like this after a mosquito or spider bite (we’re still not totally sure which one).

The good news is that in Colorado we don’t have many poisonous spiders….just annoying ones, so I’m sure he’ll be fine…no other symptoms etc.

I’m going to clean the basement of our house within an inch of it’s life tomorrow! I feel like such a bad mother! (oh, and I have a cold…whine, whine, whine!). He’ll have quite the new “look” for his first day of school tho, eh?

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