Wow, where to start….

It’s been over a month and nope (especially to “Red” – who didn’t leave me any contact info! πŸ™‚ ) we have NOT measured and replaced the window and put in the air conditioner. Many other things have stepped into the way of it happening. Not the least is our complete fear of measuring – ha, ha! I do appreciate Red’s input tho and hopefully we’ll do it soon. Although – if I don’t get picked for a jury tomorrow – we leave on vacation on Thursday! πŸ™‚ We’re heading to South Dakota , the Black Hills, to do the totally touristy thing! Can’t wait!

However, one project we did finish after the patio was our “crazy patio”. We had a ton of blocks and bricks left and wanted to use them. Rex had a great idea make a tiny patio in the back near our old incinerator. We bricked that up (the holes in it) and we purchased some gravel for the bottom

beginning of crazy patio

We started matching up the rocks to make a patio. We had taken the bricks from another project (we found a different material) – a lot of this was pieces of concrete, bits of flagstone or very old concrete blocks that had a red color – we found those when we dug up the area to put the garden in.

patio in construction

We just brushed some sand over the top and kaboom! We have a little patio. It’s kind of funky looking, but it sits at the base of our big peach tree. Off to the left is a lilac which I hope will flourish and bloom next year. I’m so proud we used up all of our materials…it also ties in the incinerator and our neighbor’s rustic flagstone wall.


So, we did all of this and were pooped (tired, exhausted…my kids still giggle at that expression). So, we didn’t get to the air conditioner. We’ll get it in soon tho! I want to just “flip a switch” for next year! πŸ™‚

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