Yard work and houseblogger hold

I’ve put more work on the new site (https://www.midcenturystyle.net) on hold, so if you’ve sent me cool photos, I haven’t forgotten you, we just finally have had time to work on the landscape:

We’re going to fill in the tiers with mulch and herbs….probably some things growing up onto the fence. A lot of this is to control run off in big rain storms (which we only have ocassionally).

About 1/2 of these rocks were here (and kind of buried from run off) and we just got a HUGE load from my nanny who’s also redoing her yard and had a bunch of extra stuff. She’s from Mexico and some of the rocks have burn marks on them where they cooked tamales on them outside (cool rock story, eh?).

I promise I’ll post more of the photos from the landscaping book this week…I’m trying to keep with fairly clean lines and avoid the whole “cottage” looking style of yard design. They have some really cool pictures for deck/deck cover ideas. All of it’s in black and white, but hey, I’m beginning to think that’s the best thing for the 50’s! 🙂

Note: not sure my readers on this blog knew, but my $200 digital camera died and is unrepairable for less than $185. So, I’ve been very frustrated by the lack of ability to take “instant” photos…I found this new camera at Walgreens for $16. Amazing, eh? It’s NOT fancy, but what do you expect for a $16 digital camera.

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