#3 – Detail from our house – doorbell

This is our doorbell. We love it. Very cool and very original. Nothing amazing sound-wise, but I think the style is awesome.

Again, this is an example of things that aren’t really “atomic” but are 50’s. “Normal” house things. I like atomic, but frankly most of it doesnt’ really “fit” into our house – I love 50’s stuff that looks like the things we all grew up with.

Oh, the clock is obviously ours…what do all of you think about the merging of new and usable and retro?

My brother and I have an ongoing discussion about windows….trying to preserve the old “look” and get the heat/cold retention you want. It’s tough. Vinyl windows just never look right. He’s painstakingly restored all of his 1890’s house stuff with the exact duplicates of historical detail….be damned the cost and heat loss. Our house has metal window frames…and so I’m sure we’ll go vinyl at some point, but I don’t want to loose our stucco curved walls to the windows or our terra cotta tile window sills….cool! Maybe that’s my detail for tomorrow!

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