'30's House post – My friends are doing "Trading Spaces"

So, for the next few days I’m going to digress from my love of 1950’s vintage homes because my two friends in the neighborhood who own 1930’s homes are both taping this week for an episode of “Trading Spaces”! What’s particularly amusing about this, is that neither house (or owner) is particularly “design challenged”….I think both of them have done a nice job of decorating….however, they thought it would be fun! I’m DYING to see the looks on their faces if they get moss glued to their walls or something! (ha! ha!). We already have a back up plan to do a group painting the week after if it’s truly hideous!

The Truck Arrives
I’ve started a photo group for it on Flickr, but here are a few of the details:

My friend, Vanessa, has a 1934 bungalow (I need to take an exterior photo) and is having them redo her basement. The idea is to try to tie in the fairly boring basement with the more traditional bungalow upstairs (ie more woodwork and such).

Vanessa's Basement
Friend #2, Klare, has a stunning 1936 spanish style that has been completely redone. She unearthed an amazing photo of the house standing all by itself (it’s on the side of a lake) in the 40’s and it’s pretty much unchanged.

Note: I removed the exterior photo because I realized it had house numbers…I’ll edit and put it back up later!

Klare's living room Anyway, I’m the “lurker” who keeps driving by to see what their doing! Vanessa lives only 3 blocks from me and Klare a few more…so it’s worth taking a “side trip”! 🙂 I saw them do the shoot where they “leave” their own homes – in their matching shirts yesterday, but didn’t have my camera…darn it!

In order to do a “post interview”, I have to get permission from the studio, so wish me luck on that! So, more to come….I think it’s fun and I hope you guys do too!

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