Collectors weekly features “Mad Men” essentials in a Mod showcase

If you haven’t found “Collector’s Weekly” – then you’re missing a lot!

Courtesy "Collector's Weekly"

They tout themselves as “a resource for people who love antique and vintage stuff. Our aim is to build a great place to explore and learn, and experience the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere.”

So, as a tribute to the return of “Mad Men” on Sunday, they’ve put together a showcase of some fabulous top 10 Mod essentials, “circa 1966-ish, to smarten up your workday and make you feel worthy of Roger Sterling’s approval.” – go check the rest of the fabulous pictures out here on their site!

I particularly LOVE the Go-go boots and lava lamp! I wonder how many of these items will make it into day to day life with the Mad Men clan – I’m sure you can at least count on Sally Draper to go full out Mod – don’t you think? And wouldn’t that dress look great on Joan?

Courtesy "Collector's Weekly"


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