Mid Century Modern Furniture Styles

There are plenty of mid century influences that are still highly visible even today, and the gentle curves or the amazingly clean lines are just a couple of these features that will always have their own cheering crowd. The timeless that this style emanates is making it stay in the spotlight even today and there are many homeowners who are constantly trying to bring part of the mid century feel into their own castles.


Origins Of The Mid Century Style

The Americans were the first ones to enjoy the mid century style thanks to the Bauhaus style development that originated in Germany, along with the so-called “international style” that evolved from the American Bauhaus style later on. The migration to America of many German architects during the Second World War and the changes that have occurred in the fields of economy and technology have all contributed to the evolution and formation of the style. The expansion of cities and also the expansion of the suburbanization phenomenon also led to the need for modern furniture to complete the newly built, modern homes of the time. And with new construction materials to work with, the exploration of new textures became one of the main points of interest of the architects of the mid century. New forms and colors were also revealed, which enables a certain versatility of styles everyone soon embraced and adopted.


What Makes The Mid Century Style Different From Other Styles?

First of all, we are talking in terms of classic designs highlighted by the clean lines and minimalistic features. The furniture of the mid century was highly functional and ornaments were kept at a minimum. More than being pieces of art inside homes, these items needed to be useful to their owners. So the creation of sleek lines that did not create the impression of clutter and the introduction of a wide series of geometrical forms were natural features of the furniture back in the day.

The colors and materials were diversified and often times materials that were considered to be contrasting were used together. Plastic was used for its own qualities, and not with the intention of imitating the aspect of wooden creations. Vinyl and plywood, wood, metal, Lucite or glass were also constantly used. The black and white combination of colors was often times used, along with bold or neutral colors. Feel free to visit the pages of our site and get in touch with the true feel and taste of the mid century in terms of furniture style.

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