Cool products and artisans from our Facebook page

We love our Facebook page followers and some of the neatest things we see are art pieces and products that are post their great creations and products on the page. These often get overlooked over in the sidebar, but we see them!

Here are a couple of our favorites (we found so many, we might have to do multiple posts!)

Higgins Glass:ltn_000000003501217-0
The Higgins Studio, home of “modern miracles with everyday glass” was founded in 1948 by Michael and Frances Higgins.

Michael and Frances Higgins, who met at the Chicago Institute of Design, were pioneers in the rediscovery and refinement of the ancient art of glass fusing. Because it is so labor-intensive, fusing had, by the mid-twentieth century, been all but abandoned in favor of glass blowing. Essentially, fusing is the creation of a “glass sandwich”. On one piece of enamel-coated glass, a design is created, either drawn with colored enamels, or pieced with glass segments. Over this, another piece of enameled glass is laid. Placed on a mold, the object is then heated. Under heat, the glass “slumps” to the shape of the mold. The design itself is fused between the outer glass pieces, with additional layers often adding to the texture and color complexity.

Originally the Studio operated out of the Higgins’ Chicago apartment, with kilns set up behind the sofa.

Michael Higgins died in 1999, Frances Higgins in 2004. The Higgins Studio is now, as per the Higgins’ wishes, under the ownership and direction of longtime design associates Louise and Jonathan Wimmer. The Wimmers, as well as other members of the Studio family, were trained in the Higgins technique of fused glass design by Michael and Frances, and now teach these same pioneering methods to new members of the Studio staff.


ltr1Specializing in showcasing EU design ikons, with a special focus on furniture, accessories and lighting for the home at competitive prices. Artyczechs is run by Ivanka ex art gallery director and Jiri architect, artist.

They recently retired to Prague after 30 years in Australia and US.
Some of the items they offer for sale are from 1950 to 1960. Peak of the Czech design and it is exactly 50 years since Czechoslovakia’s great triumph at the world Expo exhibition in Brussels, at which the country won the best pavilion Golden Star award as well as individual awards totaling 56 grand prizes, 47 commendations and 35 gold, 18 silver and 14 bronze medals — quite an achievement for a small country.

They also offer design classics by high-profile artists or designers.
The site is run from their place in Kutna Hora old medieval town protected by UNESCO.

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