Decorating the kid’s rooms with Mid-Century Style!

Mid-century is a design style that may seem boring to your kids because it’s all about simplicity and minimalism. However, there are many interactive furniture additions that can help you stick with the mid-century motif while keeping your children’s rooms fun.

When designing children’s rooms, you must take safety and durability into consideration. What might work for your master bedroom might not work for your kids’ space. Instead of using glass, stick to plastic and plexiglass. Keep it geometrical when choosing furniture.

Below are some ideas for kids’ rooms: from wall décor to lava lamps.

Wall Decals

IKEA Slätthult Folk Tree - Wall Decals

Using decals is an easy, cheap way to add “wow” to a room. You can get your kids involved in the process, as well. They’ll enjoy choosing their favorite decal and sticking it to whichever wall they want it on. Many decals come in a package containing separate pieces so that you can design it how you see fit.

Urban Outfitters, Ikea, Target, and Walmart all carry affordable wall decals. You can even find super-sized decals that function as temporary wallpaper. Keep the protective backing so that you can store the decal should your child ever decide that they are tired it.

Side Tables

Traditional mid-century style side tables can usually be converted into desks since they aren’t bulky. They provide ample storage ideal for notebooks, folders, and paper. Tables like the one shown above boast fun, geometric features.

Functionality is important when it comes to choosing furniture for your children. It has to be able to grow with your child and evolve as he or she develops their own sense of style.


Lava lamp
A lava lamp is a modern throwback to the design staples of the mid 1960’s. They come in all colors and are still widely available through many retailers like Spencer’s gifts. The base can get extremely hot, so this lighting option is recommended for older kids.

If you are concerned about safety hazards, your child can make his or her own lava lamp using a few household items and a clear jar. Check out the National Geographic instructional here.


hanging bubble chairs

A hanging bubble chair is a fun addition to any modern mid-century room. Hang it with a white chain for a clean look. You can also find stationary bubble chairs, but all of them will run you no less than $400.

A more economical option for a fun chair is a director’s chair. It is a great way to incorporate the mid-century style for a kids’ room if you’re on a budget. They have the same angles as a traditional mid-century chair, but are more interesting for kids-especially if they are interested in cinema.


Shag rugs can add a much-needed texture to the room. They are great for nurseries and growing infants because they provide a cushiony area to move on.

Statement rugs can be patterned or have a bold color. The idea is to bring a splash of color to the room, because in order to maintain that mid-century feel, you should keep the walls white or off-white. Standard mid-century accent colors are mustard, avocado, and tangerine.


Marie Ortiz wears many hats; she is a mother, wife, design enthusiast, and blogger. She loves spending time with her girls and is always working on new ways for them to develop and learn. She likes to share all of her discoveries along the way. When she is not perusing the Internet for craft-spiration, you can find her at the local farmers’ market. You can check her out at

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