Fabulous 50's Motel preservation opportunity

A couple of months ago, my husband and I took our kids (and my in-laws) to New Mexico. In travelling we realized how many awesome 50’s motels are out there that are dated, but with a little love (and a website to get travellers there) would be great stops for many money-saving families out there!

So, last week we just took a trip and went out of our way to stay at 50’s motels. The first one we stopped at happened to be for sale. In fact, the owner (who is really nice) was hoping someone would tear it down (GASP!) and build something new there.

However, my husband and I pointed out how popular mid-century is becoming and this place (while it needs work – mostly carpet and some love) would be a wonderful restoration project for any mid-century preservationist!

Check out the perfectly preserved 50’s bathroom:

And the sign! Restored it would be amazing! :):

I’ve posted more photos here on my flickr account …she’s asking $875,000 for the place, and I’m not going to sugar coat it, it would need some work to be perfect, but the motel was full while we were there, so there’s some income as you go along.  It’s also located very close to the Royal Gorge  and so could be a fabulous tourist destination! The lady who owns it has been there 17 years and is just tired of it.

Wouldn’t this be a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to retire or sick of the corporate world?

Contact info: Holiday Motel, 1502 Main St., Canon City, CO, 81212 * 719-275-3317

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