New Mexico Mid Century Motels?

We’re in the throws of planning a trip to New Mexico over spring break – mainly to see the Trinity Site (which is only open 2x a year). So, we’ll be staying in Socorro and Santa Fe. I already have a cool Mid Century Motel booked in Alamogordo – anyone have suggestions for Socorro and/or Santa Fe? Kid friendly is great, a pool would be awesome!

The Belair Inn (picture to the right) is the “find” from last trip, so we’re hoping to do as well if not better this time around (look for that review really soon!).

And yes, work has been insane, but I’m still working on my Mid century Motel list (see the link at the top), I just want to write articles to introduce a few of the locations and haven’t had time.

The bathroom remodel is still in the works – and this week, we need to go get tile! I’ll let you know how that goes!

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