Help save our pink bathroom

Well it seems life has dealt us a card and we’re going to remodel our PINK bathroom in the next month. We know the tile has been falling off the shower wall for a while, but finally our plumber has determined that the plumbing for the whole shower has to go. So, it’s a rip out and remodel -s eriously we can’t save the tile in the bath.

We could save the tile in the bathroom, but if we even do a few of the changes we want to (like the sink – seriously it’s 70’s and really really ugly – see photo below) then we need more of it and I doubt we can match it.

My husband isn’t fond of the pink (gasp) but I might be able to sell him on pink and black. However if we’re going to redo all the tile, I’d like new 50’s color suggestions.

Also, to add a curve, we have to do ALL of this on a budget. A small budget. So, help 50’s folks!!! I need direction, resources and ideas!

We need a one handled (required by code) tasteful 50’s inspired bath fixture. I need a sink – preferably with space to store stuff – and I need idea on tile combinations in case we have to rip it all out.

For more bathrooms see: More photos of our bathroom and house 

And if you live in a cave and haven’t been to “Save the pink bathrooms” – go there now!

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