Mid-Century Travel Trailers – the next big thing?

A trend that’s sweeping the mid-century net is the love of Retro Travel Trailers – they’re hip, they’re cool and they’re out there waiting to be gutted remodeled and enjoyed!

Photo Brian - Shasta Louise

The first blog I knew about was the 1964 restoration project of the “Shasta Louise” – which I found through the happy owner’s blog “Atomic Addiction” –  according to their Facebook page “”Louise” is our Shasta’s nickname. “Louise” is a 1964 Shasta 16 SC travel trailer owned by Molly and Brian. “She” is currently being restored.”

We’ve really enjoyed watching this project and the blog is chock full of camper links, restoration links and campground links!

Also from 1964 is the Travco Motorhome “Myrtle” – this was posted on our Facebook group and it’s another fantastic restoration! Again “The blog chronicles the restoration process and offers resources and tips to other travco owners.”

Feeling the urge to start watching Craiglist yet?

Photo courtesy of Capri, Myrtle's Owner

Myrtle is so cool (adore the star clock on the wall of the interior!) that she’s featured in “My Cool Campervan” which reveals a world beyond the stereotype, of vintage vans from another era, still loved and still on the road, of forgotten rarities, of beautifully restored mass-produced models.

There’s even a Facebook group to buy and sell your cool vintage camper-van!

So, for you huge retro camper fans – any other links for the just starting to look to buy and restore?



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