Mixing my worlds

If you read my “other blog” you realize I love to stitch. I’m a crazy quilter and a self-confessed fabric-o-holic. However, I think I’ve found the perfect blend of my love for midcentury style and my love for fabrics. This past Friday I had the chance to help a gal in our neighborhood mount a piece for an exhibit of these wonderful fabrics:

The design is by Lucienne Day, who is one of the most noteworthy British designers of the day. If you want to see more (before the exhibit that is) there are more pictures here at Classic Textiles. Her husband, Robin, is a furniture designer and she created the fabrics to compliment his designs.  I think you’ll recognize a lot of the designs (chair and fabric) – I know I did! Here’s another good article.

 Her work will all be featured in an exhibit in Colorado Springs, Colorado from September 20, 2008 – January 25, 2009 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

I enjoyed the time with Paulette (although I suspect she’ll probably redo a lot of my stitches – that’s ok, I learned a ton!) but preservation and mounting of textiles like these is really an interesting process (she’s great by the way, if you need textile preservation email me and I’ll get you her info).  She gave me some great resources for preserving textiles and so expect a post really soon on that subject.

 On a more blog-related subject, I’m still struggling with comments. If you’re not able to get comments through (and you’re a real person) can you please email me at mary-frances at widgetinc dot com? Thanks! 🙂

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