Are Mid-Century Modern Sectionals Making a Comeback?

Just like the clothing in your closet, your home furnishings are a reflection of your personal style.  Much like the feeling you get when you put together a great outfit, creating living rooms, particularly sectionals, you love to relax in takes some attention as well.  Mid-Century modern style, for example, has been making a tremendous comeback.  Many of today’s furniture designs take a variety of captivating design inspirations from this mid-20th century design movement, such as simple, clean lines, and carefully thought-out materials.

Little Bit of History First…

For those unfamiliar, the heyday of Mid-Century modern design began in the 1950s and continued on through the 1960s.  It was a post war era.  Domestic manufacturing was booming.  Latest technological advances and new materials were emerging.  The society was changing and so were furniture and architectural designs.  There was an upward movement towards the appreciation for forward-thinking design elements.  The term “less is more” is often used to describe this design movement.  Check out the show “Mad Men” to see examples.  While its forms possessed sculpturesque beauty that were good enough to double as pieces of art, function continued to be top priority.  Vivid colors, space-age surfaces, and geometric shapes were all designed to look slick and forward-looking – at least for their time.  Mid-Century movement had such an influence that the characteristically sleek, organic contours that were so prevalent during this period of design revolution are still seen in today’s designs.

How Do You Recognize the Style?

The designs take a deliberately relaxed – and effortlessly captivating – approach to modern forms.  There is a lack of ornamentation.  The look is crisp and tailored.  Details make the difference.  Just as seemingly minute things like your smile or laugh make you special, Mid-Century modern sectionals express themselves through unforgettable details.  Tufting, particularly button-tufting, embellishes the look, sometimes with subtlety, occasionally not.  These sectionals can get an energetic surge from welting details as well.  Long, slender legs accentuate the look and capture the creative spirit of Mid-Century thus giving the sectional a clean, modern look that fits seamlessly into today’s modern interiors.

Where Do You Purchase Mid-Century Modern Sectionals Today?

Whether your idea of the perfect home is a villa or a cabin hideaway, in all likelihood you’ll need to budget your home furnishings purchases, even sectionals.  If you are a hard core Mid-Century jingoist, you will most likely seek out authentic, pedigree sectionals from that period and perhaps reupholster them.  However, this can be quite costly.  The other option is to purchase from furniture stores that carry versions of Mid-Century designs that have borrow elements from this period but have been re-invented for today.  Just like visual appeal, your idea of style may be different from your neighbors.  You might feel at home cuddling on a microfiber-covered sectional or perhaps your personal idea of comfort and style is leather.  That’s why these stores offer a range of upholstery options from fabric to leather for your individual comfort quotient.  They may even offer leg finishes for that final customizable touch.

Today, there is a resurgence when it comes to Mid-Century modernism and home furnishings, especially sectionals, and for good reasons.  Sectionals, inspired by this movement’s motifs, offer clean simplicity.  Unlike sofas or loveseats, sectionals in general offer configurability.  You can add a chaise on one side, or a bumper, or even a corner to a sectional.  Configurations can be endless.  With sofas, the only thing you can change, as far as form, is the length of it.  Now, add those sumptuous details from this design era to a sectional as well as the latest upholstery offerings and you have an updated spin on more timeless designs.

Vivacious and simple, homespun and modern… that’s the appeal of Mid-Century modern sectionals from FOW Furniture.

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