New "must have" book, and a few websites and NEW kitchen? Ugh!

This weekend we had issue #4 with our semi- brand new kitchen. First it was the microwave, then the refrigerator, then the sink, and NOW the dishwasher. Luckily it turns out you have to clean the bottom of the dishwasher out ocassionally (hee hee) – who knew! So, it’s fine. However, I’m beginning to think that kitchens have a 7 year old lifespan. And you wonder why I love retro? On that subject (loving retro), this book at the Tattered Cover over Christmas and left it behind – just SURE it would be dead easy to find…NOT! However, it’s a “must have”. Oh, and I’m not even going to show pictures from the inside, because if you’re a “devotee” you’ll just want to go buy it! (hee hee) I’m not sure how I was lucky enough to end up with an autographed copy, but I think it was probably my whining and annoying pursuit of this “book” (I had no idea what the title was) that I had seen in Lo-Do at Christmas. Have you ever done that? So, the poor gals there were made to run all over looking for it. It turns out that the only copies available are at their Highland Ranch store. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know VERY nice people LOVE Highland’s Ranch, but I can’t imagine a 1950’s house for 20 miles down there. So, Tattered Cover, if you’re listening, then you might want to move a few copies into central Denver where all the house ARE that are featured in this book! 🙂 For a bit more website fun, you might want to check out Ronn’s site “Futures” – especially his section on Home & Decor of Futures Customers and Friends. I’m suck a “looky-look” – I adore pictures of what people have done with furniture and other decor items! He’s got great stuff too! 🙂  

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