Most popular posts of 2013

Futuro HousesWe’re a little late sharing our most popular posts of 2013 – but January isn’t over yet! 🙂  Be sure to check them out if you happened to miss them!

1. The top post was an oldie! – “Don’t replace your windows – it’s not green or saving green!” Still good information if you’re debating fixing or replacing the windows in your old home.

2. The second post appeals to the decorators or crafty types: Online Vintage Fabric Stores: for interior decoration and crafting fun! – these are some of our favorite stops for fabric around the net.

kh0453. Underground house for sale – another cold war bunker, but with style! – this house you have to see to believe, but many of our readers found themselves wanting to move in!

4. Mid-Century Style on a Budget – many of us are watching our pennies, how to decorate with mid-century flair on a budget.

5. Futuro Houses – are fabulous! Inspired by a picture of one falling apart in the forest that we posted on Facebook. We felt the need to find out more about these fabulous structures and see how many survive today.

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Modern Picture hanging idea and bee ideas?

Not a lot going on this week. It’s hot, hot, hot and unfortunately we have a bee problem in our backyard. I love honeybees…wouldn’t even think to kill them. UNFORTUNATELY, they’ve taken up home on our flagstone back porch under the top of a sprinkler system junction box. We bought poison, but I just hate to do that. So, I have tried to drown them (it’s just a small box, I figured, maybe fill it

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#6 Tile in 50's houses

I took a couple of days off (to catch up on work) and now I’m back…here’s the #6 detail…tile floors in 50’s homes. I saw this photo on the the 50’s interior design flickr group from Miss Retro Modern’s post to the group. This reminded me that I’ve never posted pictures of our basement floor…which I adamantly am against removing even though most of the tiles are popping up and they’re full of asbestos (hey,

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Mid Century furniture Mania

The popularity of 1950s and ’60s furnishings has sparked a sharp rise in prices and a drop in inventory, says Victoria couple Read more:

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Some Ideas for Midcentury Style Fencing

MidCentury Style welcomes Ted Cleary, ASLA, of Studio Cleary Landscape Architecture as Contributing Writer with this first in a series of periodic articles on midcentury modern garden design: When it comes to creating a period landscape for your midcentury modern home, it’s all about the garden geometry and the hardscaping.  Plants are plants; they don’t care whether they’re part of a “French Chateau” garden design or an “MCM” garden design. (Although some plant species — and certainly,

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