The White Sands: Mid Century Motel – Alamogordo NM

Night before last we enjoyed a lovely night at the White Sands Motel in Alamogordo New Mexico. Situated along main street within reach of chain restaurants or some interesting local eateries, it was a nice place to rest after a long day. If you’re not familiar with the area, this is a fabulous place to stay to enjoy the White Sands National Monument or the New Mexico Space Museum (which was closed, but that’s another story).

The hotel is mid-century heaven from the outside, with sculptured trees and shrubs outside and the long low buildings with a tasteful yellow paint. The office is fabulous and even our daughter picked out the googie sign (which they feature on the website).

That’s where the mid-century “style” ends. The rooms were modernized – and look very “hotel-like”. They have refrigerators, and nice beds. The bathroom still sported pink tile tho! (yay) and was in great shape!

I would definitely suggest a stop here – with a price of $67 per night for a family – not a bad value!

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