Update on the Boots Motel – SAVED!

A huge update from the Boots Motel website!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: August 15th., 2011

The Route 66 Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that two Route 66 “Roadies” (fans of the Mother Road) have been successful in their effort to obtain financing to purchase the Boots Motel in Carthage, Missouri, and expect to close on their purchase in about a week from this date.  The buyers plan to restore the historic motel and re-open at least part of it by the Spring of 2012.

The new owners invite the media to tour the motel on Friday, September 9th. between 10am. and 4 pm., and the public is also welcome to attend the Open House that Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 4 as well.

Additional details of the purchase, the new owners and the restoration plans are presently posted on this website, or as soon as they are available.

For additional details, photos, etc., please contact Ron Hart, Director of the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce at (417) 385-6966.

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