Save the Houston Astrodome

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The Houston Astrodome was designed by architects Hermon Lloyd & W.B. Morgan, and Wilson, Morris, Crain and Anderson.

  • The world’s first indoor, air conditioned stadium.
  • The home of Astroturf.
  • An architecture icon known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

On Opening Day, April 9, 1965, a sold-out crowd of 47,879 watched an exhibition game between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. President Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife Lady Bird were in attendance, as well as Texas Governor John Connally and Houston Mayor Louie Welch. Governor Connally tossed out the first ball for the first game ever played indoors. Dick “Turk” Farrell of the Astros threw the first pitch. Mickey Mantle had both the first hit (a single) and the first home run in the Astrodome. The Astros beat the Yankees that night, 2-1.

Despite it’s fabulous history,  the Houston Astrodome has stood vacant for over 10 years.

Earlier this year, the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which manages the Astrodome and other facilities within Reliant Park, submitted an ambitious plan called the “New Dome Experience” to reinvent the stadium as the world’s largest special events venue. Beginning on October 8 2013, the Astrodome would feature a science center, a planetarium, several museums and a conference center. A hotel and movie studios have also been mentioned as possibilities for the area, but those would come through private financing.

Voters in November will decide whether to approve authorizing up to $217 million in bonds to turn the stadium into a giant convention center and exhibition space.

Sign the pledge to cheer on the Dome. >>

But you don’t have to live in Harris County to play a role in the Dome’s future. It’s easy to do — just take a minute and pledge to save the Dome.

If you’re in the area:

From Monday, October 21, through Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, the Save the Dome Coalition is driving a 26-foot truck, known affectionately as the Dome Mobile, on a tour of H-Town. Our goal? To get as many Dome supporters as possible to pledge their support for saving and reinventing the 8th Wonder of the World!

We promise – you can’t miss us! The Dome Mobile is emblazoned with images of the Dome. Inside the truck, you can learn more about the benefits of preserving this architectural icon, write your memories on our story wall, and walk on actual Astroturf from inside the Dome. We also have original seats and a bench once used by the Astros on display!

Read more about upcoming stops on the website

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