5 Mid-Century Culture blogs for your reading pleasure!

If you love mid-century, the logic goes that you’d probably love the culture as well. However, Mid-century culture runs the gamut from Route 66 groups, car groups, to the Mad Men craze.

Basket of Kisses –  the premier Mad Men Fan blog. Deborah and Roberta Lipp are writers, bloggers, and sisters who love to think deep thoughts about smart television. To that end, they are the founders of Basket of Kisses, the first and greatest dedicated Mad Men fansite.

Eccentric Roadside – Ok, not JUST a Mid-century blog, but it’s full of really cool kitch roadside stuff, plus an amazing quantity of googie signs. This blog is devoted to old fashioned American roadside attractions… the wonderfully big, bizarre, crazy, wacky, quirky, weird, funny, unique and mundane sites you see travelling cross-country by car in the USA, where getting there really is all the fun!

Modern Retro Woman – Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong time period? If so, welcome home!  This blog is about trying to be the proverbial “perfect 1950s housewife” by living like our mid-century grandmothers, June Cleaver, Donna Reed, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly in today’s modern world.

The Apron Revolution – she lived two years in the 50’s and blogged about her experiences, but the blog is chock full of recipes, fashion and tips and hints for living a retro life.

And finally, what’s a conversation about the 50’s culture without a tiki reference: Kool Cars, Tiki Bars and Movie stars…. – an awesome all things tiki and cool blog featuring tiki cocktails, tiki music and Mod Movie Mondays! Awesome! Check it out!

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