Your guide to Retro shopping

Want the ambiance of a classical mid-century style while at home? Here are a few places that might help your redesign.

Vintage Swank is located in the heart of Historic Fort Royal, Virginia –an area located along the Route 66, just southwest of D.C. This unique boutique stocks vintage furniture, lighting, and telephones. What more? They even specialize in vintage telephone restoration.

Vintage Swank’s 5,000+ square-foot showroom include over 15,000 unique original vintage and antique items from the 1920s to the 1970s. Clothing racks accommodate a wardrobe of high quality vintage garb including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing; old-fashioned hats; dated shoes, and outmoded neckties. Stepping through the doors is like stepping into a time machine—Vintage Swank is from a different era.

Junk2Funk is located in Almonte Dr., FL.As its website proclaims, this store gives new life to vintage finds. Store-goers with bold vintage visions will find themselves in a candy-land of refurbished and restored goodies.

In need of that perfect bedside buddy? is selling a quaint Mid-Centry inspired nightstand. is home to a plethora of midcentury designs. From patio sets to bedroom sets, this site stocks all the furnishings for a trendy redesign.

Want to know which bargain piece of furniture has been dubbed as the “Find of the Week”? Check out

Would your redesign be made even bolder by this fabulous metal storage cabinet?  If so, it can be found at

Happy Decorating!!

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