Retro Roadtrip: The Sunset Motel

We love personal recommendations for motels – one of the great reasons to stay a place is that you’ve heard positive feedback. This older_pcard_web_0eu5past week, we put a request out on the Route 66 Yahoo group and got some amazing feedback about The Sunset Motel in Moriarty, New Mexico.

We “have gotten to know Mike and Debbie Pogue. The Sunset is one of those best kept secrets on Route 66. The Pogues are great people who love to visit with Mike&Debbie Pogue Sunset Motel - J Ross phototheir guests and have many interesting stories to tell about growing up in Moriarty when Mike’s dad built the Sunset in the 1950s. The motel itself is very nicely restored and is very reasonably priced. Anyone in the Moriarty area at motel time can do themselves a favor by staying at the Sunset. Highly recommended.” Jim Ross, Route 66 historian.

Family Built, Owned and Operated for over 50 years! Whether you are planning your next excursion along the Mother Road, or just pulling off the road for the night, spend some time at The Sunset Motel in Moriarty, NM.   You’ll enjoy the nostalgia of the original furnishings as well as the more modern conveniences, such as coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators and FREE wifi. Not only are they pet friendly, but “Rover and Tabby stay for free”!

Sunset Motel Moriarty NM - J Ross photo

The Sunset Motel
501 East Central Avenue (Old Route 66)
Moriarty NM 87035

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