Retro Roadtrip: White Eagle Inn, Cortez Colorado

You have to give owners credit when they change the name of a motel, and yet keep the cool Googie sign. The new one is a bit bland, but we love that they have tried to keep the original feel of this cute motel.

Formerly the El Capri Motel, established in 1958 – the rooms are fantastically retro. It’s really clean, very cute and run by a very nice family (with kids if you can believe whiteeagle4 the bikes and big wheels around the place). There’s a cute little playground and a nice office.

The motel is AAA Approved with sixteen ultra-clean motel rooms including two family rooms – one with with three full-size beds, and another with two queens and one single bed.   All rooms have mini fridges and free wireless high-speed internet access, plus free local phone service. Microwaves are in some rooms, plus one microwave is available in the lobby and another one outdoors.

whiteeagle1All rooms are non-smoking and are at ground level with parking in front of the room. The White Eagle Inn is an old fashioned, American family owned and operated mom and pop lodging facility which has been in continuous operation for over fifty years..

Not a ton of amenities (no breakfast) but with it’s close proximity to Mesa Verde and the 4 corners, it’s a great and very inexpensive place to stay.

White Eagle Inn
2110 South Broadway, Cortez, CO 81321


Phone: 970-565-3333

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