Retro Roadtrip: Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, NM

You are driving your vintage Cadillac, traveling the open New Mexican stretch of Route 66 with your canine companion. The sun starts creeping below the horizon and the dry desert heat has you feeling a little drowsy. Ahead of you, neon lights boldly defy the newly darkened sky; the sign reads “Blue Swallow Motel.” You pull your vehicle into the motel’s complimentary garage parking.

Motel owners Nancy and Kevin prove themselves to be friendly hosts while your pooch becomes acquainted with their loving and friendly Blue Swallow Motelgold retrievers, Boomer and Bessie.

Your room is air conditioned and 450 thread-count sheets cradle you after your long day’s drive. Nothing feels quite like a new mattress – all of the Blue Swallow’s mattresses were replaced in 2011, and the guests sleep phenomenally.

You gaze across the room at the signature flower bouquet – a complimentary adornment to every Blue Swallow room. You are relaxed; you have found your home away from home while on the open road, complete with complimentary organic toiletries.

Your inner road-warrior can now indulge peacefully at all the Blue Swallow Motel has to offer.

Amenities include free access to wi-fi, and organic toiletries. All rooms are non-smoking, but an ashtray is provided outside of every room.

Three different room types are offered: 1) Rooms that include one queen-sized bed are $59.95/night, 2)rooms with two full beds are $69.95/night, and 3) a family suite, composed of two bedrooms, each with a queen bed and a twin bed for $109.95/night.

Blue Swallow Motel
815 E. Route 66 Blvd
Tucumcari, NM. 88401.

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