We need window help!

Well, here’s the update from our world. Last month we acquired a good window air conditioner that we can have installed for practically nothing.

However, we have side opening windows, so we need to replace them – and frankly they are metal, which on a brick house is deadly for heat efficiency. So, we’re switching to vinyl. Bad, I know, but frankly they look better than the metal ones…and we can put in the air conditioner (we’re just starting with the one window).

And in true Houseblogger way we are putting it in ourselves. Suggestions? First on measuring. Here are pictures (those are cheesy plastic storm windows on the inside by the way):

window inside

and here’s the outside:


I think we want to put it right in the center. The metal one is on the outside, but is thinner than your two section vinyl one would be. So…our question is this….where do we measure?

Has anyone done this?

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