Banana Republic adds Mad Men line

It’s been a while since we featured something non-architecture related and here’s a good chance. Spotted on Tom and Lorenzo’s site, this fabulous Mad Men line of clothing is being introduced by Banana Republic:

new Mad Men line from Banana Republic, courtesy TLo

LOVE the print dress! Go read the rest of the post (and see more pictures!) here.

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Frank Gifford Photography

These gorgeous photographs came to our attention and we can’t get enough of the colors and subject matter! Please visit his site for more (and we’ll be featuring more of him here too!) – About Frank Gifford, the photographer behind these images: Frank began exploring the Mother Road and related interests after the year 2000. In a video-dominated world where images jump, twitch and jiggle (but almost never linger) he prefers a still photograph that

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Mid century toy box

These are totally sold out and it’s too late for Christmas, but if all those new Christmas toys are taking over the house, this might be a good New Years gift! 🙂 Update: For some reason the link to the toybox is gone, but Kiersten (see comments) is at Etsy and always has these and other pieces available! Woo hoo! Send me your pics if you decide to buy one, so I can drool!

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Sadly, the Usonian buildings were not saved

  Read all about it here. I think the important thing going forward is to educate legislators on these buildings. My understanding is the buildings didn’t “fit into their plan” but if a victorian or other historic structure was in the way, they would change the plan.

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