Modernism Week: Man about Modernism Series

Grab a martini, old fashioned or a gin and tonic and settle down for some fabulous modernism viewing. If you’re like us and didn’t make it to Modernism Week in Palm Springs this week, this  YouTube channel is almost as good.

stevencollinsStephen Collins (Property Envy) hosts Man About Modernism with a handsome command of the screen and wealth of expertise in all things design. Collins will be your guide through this expansive and unique mid-century treasure trove. Relish in sophisticated old-Hollywood glamor and experience how the rich and famous play, stay, and sway.

modernism weekMan About Modernism will take you on a heavenly journey via exclusive access to historic movie colonies and estates like Sinatra House (circa 1947). Also showcased will be the one-of-a-kind Modern Mambo Party at Caliente Tropics Hotel (circa 1964).  Tune in and indulge by going behind private doors where you will merge seamlessly into lives of Palm Springs’ most extraordinary denizens.  Join Iron Chef Jose Garces at his intimate test kitchen inside Saguaro Hotel for Mod Eats with Kurt Cyr.  Whisk yourself away into whimsy with the Royal Hawaiian Estates Tour, featuring Tiki-style abstract shapes in a lush and verdant compound spanning over 5 acres.

For ease of viewing, I’ll embed the first 4 episodes here.

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