Updating and renovating? Purist?

Photo Courtesy Stanbro Real Estate

I was thinking about renovating this morning – mainly because we’re at a lull on projects until we have some money drop in our lap! 🙂 But I was looking at some real estate ads in Palm Springs (pretty much the mid-century capital) and one mentioned that the kitchen had been “ruined” in an update. There weren’t any pictures, but it got me to thinking about a house we have down the street who ripped out a fabulous concrete block wall to put in a prefab tall “picket” fence. It doesn’t go with the house and I hate it.

So, how do we educate people? That there’s a way to “renovate” without ruining and to look for the elements that truly make it a 50’s home.

For example, would you put this stove in a 50’s kitchen remodel:

Someone did! Should that house resell for the same amount of money? More?

Denver Mid-Century Real Estate guru, Shannon Stanbro, wrote this awesome post on how “not to update a 1950’s home.

This home is located in Arapahoe Acres. It has the classic “U” shape with a courtyard in the center,
almost 2000 square feet with a 2 car garage! Each wall framing the courtyard is floor to ceiling glass. The home has recently been completely updated including wiring, plumbing and HVAC.

Sounds like any Modernist’s dream come true, right? So why has it been sitting on the market for 6 months?

Go check out the rest of the post and see! Located in a Mid-Century historic district, this house is a testament to how little people understand Mid-Century style.

I think you’ll agree – however, is there an end to “updating” – can we educate people about the homes they live in and to love and respect them? Does this extend to other decades of homes? Or are we just saving Victorian’s and Bungalows?

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